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2369; "Operation-H"

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May. 3rd, 2006 | 05:39 pm
posted by: mirror_odonnell in en_fanfic

This is a fanfic about how eighteen-year-old Colleen rescued sixteen-year-old Henry from slavery.

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: May. 3rd, 2006 09:40 pm (UTC)

Colleen pushed herself up against the wall of the complex, clutching her compact disruptor and looking at the infrared sensor on the little weapon. Two people, straight ahead. She needed to move. The authorities were right behind her—Alliance authorities. But what about those two people ahead of her? Friend or foe? And could she afford to take the chance that they were not friendly?

*Move, Colleen. Now—you’re gonna get shot if you don’t* she told herself. With one swift movement, she pushed herself away from the wall and extended her disruptor ahead of her, finding that the two people standing between her and the shuttle were innocents. Merchants…and now witnesses. She didn’t have time to think, no time to even contemplate what to do next. She switched the setting on her disruptor with a lightning-fast flick of her finger, and stunned the two of them, running past them. They wouldn’t wake up for a while. Her disruptor was set on something high enough to keep them out for at least a few hours. She kept running, looking down at her infrared sensor. She was nearing the exit to this place.

Subconsciously, she reached down with her free hand, just for a moment, and felt inside her cargo pocket…it was still there. Good.

Her heart was beating so fast that she could hear it pounding through her ears. She just needed to get to that little ship…the one that wasn’t guarded, and pray she could fly it.

The door up ahead would open for her because, in this complex, you only needed identification to get in. And hacking into their database hadn’t exactly been hard. She ran right up to the door, but approached from one side like Major Anderson had taught her. She then attracted the motion sensor, and extended her disruptor in all directions, making sure she was clear to run. There were no guards in sight, or at least within range of her infrared sensor, except for the ones following her. She took off as quickly as she could, running toward the little ship in the woods. 20 yards or so away…that was it. Just a bit longer…

An alarm was sounded, and she knew the guards chasing her had just unleashed whatever exterior security they had on the complex.

“Damn, this thing better be worth the latinum,” she breathed as she ran. If Karollin hadn’t told her about the little ship, what would she have done? She probably would have had to steal one…that would have only made things more complicated. She only hoped that Karollin knew what he was talking about when he told her that the ship should fly. The Ferenian had been right about the layouts of the complex, about the location of that information chip, and about the 20 yard run to the woods out the back of the place. He had also been right about the fact that you only needed ID to get inside the complex, not out. *Just gotta hope for 5/5, not just 4/5, and I’ll be all set,* Colleen thought to herself as she ran. A shot rang out behind her and she knew the guards were now shooting at her…projectile weapons, not energy weapons. This particular culture had a thing with projectile weapons. She heard the bang that came not from gunpowder but from the miniature deuterium power cells they were using. One shot would kill a person instantly, just from the radiation poisoning. That was why they didn’t use them inside.

But they had missed. That was the important thing—they had missed her. She was in the woods now, and jumped over a log to slide down a little embankment. The change in terrain would give her cover. She ran toward the little ship, remembering that the clearing it was in would give her a clear shot, at 11 meters/ second, to reach escape velocity and get rid of this stupid, God-forsaken planet. Actually, the weather was pretty nice here…

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: May. 3rd, 2006 09:42 pm (UTC)

She was almost to the ship, and another shot rang out behind her. Diving feet-first to slide down another embankment, she lost her footing and rolled to a stop at the edge of the clearing. The ship was there, thank God, but was covered in moss and barely recognizable. She inputted the code Karollin had given her, and the door slid open as the moss fell away from the area. She jumped inside, and slammed the door mechanism with her fist, not bothering to watch it close. She ran over to the cockpit, and inputted the other code Karollin had given her. Now the panel lit up, but flickered, and shut off. “Damn it!” she yelled, and in a split second, had her pocket knife out. She pried the cover open on her disruptor, taking a leap of faith that she wouldn’t need it for the next few minutes if she could just get the hell out of here.

She took the power cell from the disruptor and pried open the access panel on the bottom of the cockpit console. Luckily, it used the same basic power cell mechanism. They were different sizes, had different powers on them, and were made in different years. But they used the same mechanism, and that was what counted. She ripped off a piece of her shirt, and took hold of the hot power cell in the console. She put it on the floor once it was out of the console, and stuck her own in there, using the piece of her shirt to tie it in place. It was now attached to a part of the console, and if she didn’t go upside down, it would probably stay there, she thought.

The console had power, and she smiled as she looked the controls over. Then, with a burst of energy, she engaged the impulse at top speed and zoomed out of the atmosphere of the planet. Once away from the surface, she set course for Tekarin III, and engaged at warp 3, the little ship’s maximum speed.


In three hours, she was back at Tekarin III, and very hungry. Karollin wouldn’t give her anything to eat, and this stupid ship didn’t even have a replicator. The eighteen-year-old’s metabolism was still sky-high, and she ate whenever she could get food, but was very hungry most of the time. Major Anderson had fed her well. When he died, about six months ago, Colleen had to get away from the station she had been staying on. She was the Major’s ‘personal’ slave, though he never touched her, and treated her like a daughter. The other Alliance numbskulls didn’t know that, though, and so they didn’t think it would be a problem for the Major’s immediate subordinate officer to ‘inherit’ her. She wasn’t going to stick around for *that* to happen. The seventeen-year-old had bolted. And now, only two weeks after her eighteenth birthday, she thought she was doing all right for herself. She missed Anderson desperately, though.

She touched down on a desert, and pulled her shirt up around her nose and mouth. Then she got her goggles out of her cargo pocket, took the power cell out of the console, and stuck it back in her disruptor. With that, she locked up the little ship and headed for the underground location where she’d find Karollin.

After going through the Egyptian-like tunnel, she wasn’t surprised to see the Ferenian man sitting at his table meticulously counting his latinum bars with two of his arms. The other two were feeding him something that squirmed as they held it. Colleen tried not to make a disgusted face.
“I got your info,” was all she said.

“Kassidy,” the man said gruffly, using Colleen’s middle name because that was all Colleen informed him of. “So good to see you. Give it to me.”

“After my latinum.”

“Don’t argue with me,” he said, putting all objects down and using one of his hands to pull out his disruptor. “The information chip.”

“The latinum first, or I’ll shoot,” Colleen said, narrowing her disruptor directly on the man’s head. “I’m at least a hundred years younger than you, Karollin. My reflexes are better. Give me the latinum.”

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: May. 3rd, 2006 09:42 pm (UTC)

The Ferenian laughed heartily, and put his disruptor down. “You’ve got guts, Kassidy. Here.” He tossed a bag over to her, and she caught it with one arm, not putting her disruptor down. She opened it up, and did a stark estimate…looked like it was all there. Then she pulled one piece out and scanned it with her disruptor’s scanner. It was authentic, gold-pressed latinum. She was surprised. She scanned the rest, and it was all authentic.

“Satisfied?” Karollin asked.

“Very. Here,” she said, opening her cargo pocket and tossing him the information chip. She liked distant business transactions, and didn’t dare get within two feet of those four arms of his. Ferenians were known for their amazing grips.

Karollin caught the information chip, and stared greedily at it. He stuck it in his console quickly and began reading over what came up.
“Good…good…excellent,” he said. “Kassidy, you obviously know what you’re doing.” He hadn’t really expected her to get into and out of the complex and then reach the ship, *and* know how to fly it. His fears that she had been lying to him disappeared, and he looked admiringly at the child. “How old are you? In human years…” Fifteen…sixteen years old was his guess. Humans matured very young, and this one looked to be in her teens.

“None of your damn business,” Colleen responded, zipping the bag of latinum and putting it on her back. It was extremely heavy, but she didn’t let that show on her face.

He smiled at her—she had spunk. He sat back down at his desk, and said,
“If you’re interested in acquiring either some more latinum, or some spare parts, I am in the market for that ship you recovered.”

“And what am I supposed to leave in?”

“I’ll give you another ship, of course, in exchange for the one you have.” Her keeping the ship was part of the agreement, and no doubt she’d want some compensation.

“If I can inspect it first, sounds like a deal.” Now was her chance to ask him. “I want your transporter.”

He laughed. “When I said spare parts, I didn’t mean anything larger than an ejector coil…or a power cell regenerator.”

“I want your transporter, and your other, *working* ship, or no deal.” There was a reason he wanted that other ship, especially if he already had a ship of his own that worked, that she could take. She was going to bet that it had something to do with the information chip, and that he needed that ship badly. And if she could get a transporter, she could start putting her plan to rescue Henry into action.

Karollin stared at her for a moment. She was smart, this one. She had figured out how to exploit weaknesses and needs.
“How do you know I have a transporter to give you, Kassidy?”

“It’s streamlining a locator signal to any bio-sign that passes within 100 km of it,” she said informatively. “The transport ship’s sensors picked it up on my way here.” She had stowed away on the transport ship, and had hacked into its database to get some readings onto her PADD. Karollin’s face betrayed his shock that she even knew how to search for such things. “That *and* the fact that your other ship’s in a hangar attached to this underground facility, and there isn’t a locking mechanism that my sensors picked up. The only way to get something that big in through here is to beam it, since I doubt you built it yourself.” Before he got the chance to reply, she said, “Now I want your transporter, and the chance to inspect that ship.”

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: May. 3rd, 2006 09:42 pm (UTC)

Karollin started to become angry. He was not going to be able to bargain with this child. She knew too much already about his hideout…and if he refused to give her what she wanted, not only would he not get his ship, but she would most likely run off with his secrets. Plus, that little ship’s computer’s information was too important to waste keeping his transporter. He could acquire another one easily enough… “Fine. I’ll leave you alone in the hangar, and if you don’t believe me, you can continue pointing that disruptor at my head,” he said angrily. “You can beam the ship out with the transporter, and then come back through the tunnel to take it with you. There is no transporter pad.”

Colleen nodded. “Thank you, Karollin.”

Four hours later, Colleen was on her way with her new ship, and her transporter installed in the back. The ship was a nice one—warp 5, with a replicator and three grappling hooks, too. She just needed a cloak, and she’d be all set. She zipped through space at warp 5, heading directly to Nequaria, a nice little moon in the Trelanis system. It was bright and sunny almost all the time there, and Colleen’s fair Irish skin always ended up getting burnt. It used to be a pleasure planet, kind of like Risa, but then the Alliance took over. Now it was mostly an abandoned outpost. The Alliance didn’t have much interest after the military advantage of having an outpost on Nequaria was gone.

Colleen had no friends on Nequaria, but she had no enemies either, and she knew of a bar with a back room that had a computer for tactical purposes. And she knew of a bartender who would be willing to let her alone in that room for a while, if she gave her a few strips of latinum.

Her shirt had zip-off sleeves, and she had zipped them off when she was visiting the complex to steal the information chip. It was way too hot on that planet for long sleeves. But now that she was going to Nequaria, she pulled the zipped off fabric out of her little bag and turned her shirt into a long-sleeved one, hoping to minimize the sunburn just a bit. She didn’t have any UV protection.

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: May. 3rd, 2006 09:43 pm (UTC)

She touched down on Nequaria near a beach, and locked up her newly acquired ship. She then trekked about a half a mile through the sand to get to the bar, and knocked on the back door. Vinna poked her head out, and smiled when she saw Colleen. “Need to use the computer, sweetie?”

“That I do,” Colleen said with a smile.

“Three strips of latinum per hour.”

“I’ll give ya nine,” Colleen said, pulling her strips of latinum out of her bag, and handing them to Vinna.

“Thanks, sweetie,” she said, and let Colleen in. Vinna was a funny person—insisted on calling anyone younger than twenty-five ‘sweetie’ and yet she was willing to screw them over if necessary.

Colleen walked to the back room and locked the door behind her. She then accessed the tactical computer, and began downloading information on Station 10 into her PADD. Major Anderson had given the PADD to her, and she hadn’t let it out of her sight since then…there was a lot of information on that little thing.

The newest layouts downloaded right into the device as she studied them extensively. She wanted to know how to get in and get out unseen. And she was hoping Vinna would have some information about whoever might have a cloaking device she could use.

After three hours of studying, and making notes in her PADD, Colleen was interrupted by the locked door opening. Vinna was the only one with access when it was locked, but Colleen still put her hand over her disruptor, just in case. This place wasn’t exactly legal, after all.

“Time’s up, sweetie, unless you’ve got another few strips…”

“No, that’s all I need for now,” Colleen answered. “But you could help me with something else.”

“What’s that?” Vinna asked sweetly.

“Do you know of anyone with a cloaking device that I might be able to acquire?”

Vinna thought for a moment. “There’s a guy out at the bar who has a ship…I take it he needs his cloaking device, but if you were willing to trade something, or your services, I’m sure he might strike up a deal. Just in case he doesn’t, his ship’s hidden over on the east side of the beach, about ten kilometers.”

Colleen smiled. Vinna knew Colleen would try to steal it if the man said ‘no’. “Thanks, Vinna. I’ll go talk to him,” she said, picking up her backpack and turning off the computer console.

She approached the man once Vinna indicated where he was, but she didn’t greet him. She sat down next to him at the bar, and ordered her ‘usual’ from Vinna. Vinna knew what to do. Make apple juice look like beer, because Colleen didn’t want to drink before she flew. Made sense to her, and the kid paid well, after all. Vinna placed it down in front of her, and Colleen took it and sipped it, as though it was beer.

It didn’t take long for the 50-some-year-old man to raise an eyebrow.
“Little young for that, don’t ya think?” It smelled like beer, looked like beer…no reason to think it wasn’t.

“I’m older than I look,” Colleen said truthfully. She knew she looked about fourteen or fifteen, when she was really eighteen.

He shrugged.
“Whatever,” he said.

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: May. 3rd, 2006 09:43 pm (UTC)

“Nice weather,” Colleen commented after a few moments.

“Yeah, shame this planet doesn’t have what it used to.”

“What’d it use to have?” Colleen asked, as she had asked so many other ‘regulars’ to strike up conversation.

“Oh, everything Risa had, at half the cost. Damn Alliance screwed that up. Before you were born, probably.”

Colleen looked around, as if wary that they’d be listening. Even though she knew they wouldn’t.

“Don’t worry, they haven’t been back here in a few years.”

Colleen nodded in comprehension. “I hate ‘em,” she said sincerely.

“Don’t we all,” the man said, taking a swig of beer. “Now what’s a nice little girl like yourself doing on Nequaria this time ‘o night?”

“Lookin’ for something to assist me with a little task I have.”

“Task, eh? Whatcha doing?”

“I need a cloaking device. Don’t know where I’m gonna get one, though,” Colleen said. “Looked everywhere, but of course, anyone who has one is gonna need it.”

“Makes sense,” The man said, slurring a bit.

Colleen noted that he was getting drunk, and figured she could use that to her advantage.
“One more beer for my friend,” she said to Vinna, and Vinna took her currency, and gave the man another beer. Colleen could see that he had already drunk a lot prior to this, so it shouldn’t take much…

“Thanks, kid. You wouldn’t happen to have plans tonight, now would ya?”

“No, I’m free,” Colleen said with a smile. She knew where this was going, and decided to play along. “You?”

“I’ve got a ship, and my crew’s hangin’ around here. Won’t be back till morning, at least.”

“Oh, you’re a captain. That’s—handsome,” she chose her words carefully. She would have said ‘cool’ if she had wanted him to like her. She just needed his cloaking device. So she wanted him to take her back to his ship with him. And then she’d grab the thing and remotely transport out of there. Now if she could only rig her PADD to send a signal to her transporter…

“Why thank ya, honey,” he said taking another swig. “I’d suspect a kid like you hasn’t been alive quite long enough to see a ship as…unique…as mine. Would you like to?”

“Of course!” Colleen exclaimed happily. “I need to get back to my place first, and freshen up a bit. Where’s your ship?”

He gave her the location, and Colleen thanked him kindly and left. She went right back to her ship, and started programming her PADD to send a signal to her transporter…it took a while, and just when she thought she wasn’t going to finish in time to be on time for her ‘date,’ she got the sequence working, and tested the transporter. It successfully beamed her from the cockpit to the outside of the ship, and back again. She smiled, and locked up her ship, heading to the man’s ship down the beach.

Once the man let her inside, she said,
“Can I see your ship before we go back to your cabin? I’ve always wanted to see a ship like this.”

“Sure, honey,” he said, taking her arm in a gesture that disgusted Colleen. But she played along. They saw everything from the cockpit to the engine room. Colleen noted how tiny the ship was, and how the cloaking device became detached. Then, they headed directly to his cabin…he grabbed her and pushed her inside, reaching eagerly for his belt. Before his hand was even on the buckle, Colleen had her disruptor out of her cargo pocket and had shot him point-blank. “Sicko,” she said as she stole his weapon, and left the cabin. She went right down to the engine room, calculating that she had about an hour before he woke up.

She detached the cloaking device after disabling the alarm system, and then beamed it and herself right back to her ship. Checking to make sure her atoms were in place, she took off from Nequaria at warp 5.

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: May. 3rd, 2006 09:44 pm (UTC)

“That was easy,” she reflected, smiling to herself. All in a day’s work. She had gotten the means to rescue Henry. She had infiltrated a complex, almost gotten shot with a radiation-poisoning gun, had gone up against the four-armed Ferenian Karollin, and had nearly been subjected to a very dirty old man’s idea of fun, but she had gotten the means to rescue Henry. That was all that mattered.

She zoomed toward a system called Guron, where she knew she could hide in the asteroid field and plan her attack. No one ever mined that field because the minerals weren’t that valuable.

That night, she powered down the ship and slept a good eight hours before waking up to the alarm she had set. She spent the entire day planning exactly what she would do, and she planned about six different scenarios in case one, or five, didn’t work.

A day later, she took off for Station 10, ready to initiate what she called “Operation-H”.


She put her ship in a cloaked orbit around the station she hadn’t seen for almost six years. She kept her shields down, trusting that she wouldn’t be gone for longer than an hour, and then masked her transporter signature like Major Anderson had taught her. Then, she beamed herself to an unpopulated part of the station, and drew her disruptor instantly. She knew the layout by heart, but there were some differences and, of course, guards to look out for. Now she only had to find Henry and stay unseen. She looked like a slave, having changed into some rags she had saved for infiltration purposes. She looked dirty, since she hadn’t showered since her recent adventures. So she looked inconspicuous.

And it didn’t take her long to spot her Talaxian friend. He was working Ore Processing, and he was so skinny it alarmed her. He looked half dead, poor guy.

Colleen was able to sneak in and catch his eye. She then indicated that he should follow her. He looked shocked, but quickly hid it. He shoveled some ore and followed her with it to a less populated part of Ore Processing. Then, dumping it and pretending to still work, he whispered quietly,

“Shhh,” she said, looking around warily, hand on her disruptor under her rags. “When are you off?”

“Two hours.”

“Damn,” she said. “Okay, listen…I’m going to distract the guard. Then we’re going to run to a beam-out site. Got it?”


“Just run to your right after you exit out the main door. I’ll be right behind you. I’ve got a weapon.”

He nodded. “Grab a shovel. I have another idea.” She found a shovel, and picked it up, following him. He walked up to a man whom Colleen didn’t know. “Do it now,” he said quietly, picking up some Ore as Colleen did the same. They shoveled it into the bin, and Colleen looked inquiringly at Henry.

The man nodded to Henry and said,
“Be careful, man.” Then, he picked up his shovel, and whacked the back of the guard’s head as hard as he could. The guard fell, and the man screamed, “We move NOW!”

Slaves all around them began holding their shovels like weapons and screaming what sounded like battle-cries. A revolt couldn’t have come at a better time, Colleen thought. Henry dropped his shovel. “Come on!” he said excitedly, and ran out of Ore Processing. Colleen followed, and then lead the way to the beam-out site. They were on her cloaked ship in a matter of seconds, and Colleen jumped into the pilot’s seat. “Ha-ha!” She screamed triumphantly, and then turned to Henry. “Where’s your mom?” she asked quickly, planning to beam out whoever happened to be around that area. The ship was big enough.

Henry’s face went stone gray, and he shook his head. Colleen’s triumphant grin vanished from her face, and she said, “I’m sorry,” very quietly. She then turned to her controls, and sped away in the fastest direction she could choose, at warp 5.

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: May. 3rd, 2006 09:45 pm (UTC)

She leaned back and looking at the readouts. No one was after them. They were busy with the slaves back on the station. “Wanna explain what just happened back there?”

“They’ve been planning it for weeks. I initiated it. I told them that if I could get off the station, I’d be able to supply the Resistance and other non-Alliance people with tools and technology they’d never dreamed of. And they’ve seen some of my stuff…they knew I’d do it. So Pedro—he’s the leader, he agreed to let me bolt during the revolt, as long as I made the bombs for his plan. And they’re about to go off right about now.”

“Bombs?” Colleen asked with a smile.

“Trapping the Intendent and his Ops crew in their places, if not killing them altogether. Station 10 should either go to the slaves, or be re-conquered later, but the Alliance isn’t winning this battle. So anyway, tell me what you’ve been doing! How’d you get the ship? What’s been going on?”

Colleen could see the youthful color return to his sixteen-year-old face, and she left the ship on auto-pilot for a moment, and embraced him. “I’ve got more to tell you than we have time for…but later, definitely. You look awful, H. Been eating?”

He shook his head. “Not much,” he said quietly. He quickly changed the subject. “I’m sure you’ve been to a trillion places…you look great.” She looked skinny to him, actually, but he wasn’t going to mention anything. He didn’t want to get on that subject, again.

“Many places, many people. Adventures, like we used to talk about,” Colleen said, taking the controls again and plotting a circuitous route to the Guron system. Plan A was in effect, and working beautifully.

Suddenly, she noticed the ships come on her sensors.
“They’ve seen us…we’re being followed at warp 6…they’re gonna catch up. H, let me see your arms.”

Henry realized what had happened. He held out his bare arms, and Colleen was alarmed to find the black mark of a locator beacon.

“They’re tracking all the slaves…I thought I had deactivated it, but I guess it didn’t work.” Henry said as though he had just failed Colleen altogether. “I’m sorry…I really thought I had disabled it…”

“It’s all right,” Colleen said, adjusting her course for Churos VII. Plan D, actually. She put the ship on autopilot and jumped into the back, where she fished through her acquired belongings that came with the ship. The canister of oxygen was still there, and so was the bio-suit. She prayed it didn’t have any tears in it. “Put this on,” she said quickly as they approached Chruos VII. They would have to go through an asteroid field to get there…

Colleen dropped out of warp and continued at maximum impulse toward the asteroid field. She approached it dead-on, and zipped around the space rocks. She rolled, dove, and came up only to yaw and perform a rolling climb, avoiding all the asteroids.

Meanwhile, Henry screamed, or rather squealed, in terror.
“You’re going too fast—you’re going to crash—what are you *doing*, Colleen…my God, what---AHHHH---stop! Stop! There’s a rock right there!”

Colleen completely ignored him as she performed one more crazy trick, killing the engines altogether and allowing her momentum to carry her as she spun the one wing around, and came out straight. Henry had covered his eyes with his hands, and Colleen laughed out loud. She then engaged at warp once more, and went directly to Churos VII. “Got that bio-suit on yet?”

“Where are you taking me?” Henry asked, sealing the bio-suit and putting the helmet on. Then he turned on the microphone and protested, “What are you going to do?”

“Just hang on,” She said, concentrating on outrunning those Alliance shuttles. She put the ship into an orbit around Churos VII and then beamed a protesting Henry to the surface with the oxygen canister. “Hang on, H,” she said the second before he beamed out, and gave him a look that told him she’d be back. Then, she turned back toward the Alliance shuttles that were chasing her, and met them head-on in her little ship.

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: May. 3rd, 2006 09:45 pm (UTC)

She engaged them both in battle, but knew she couldn’t win against both…they were too heavily armed. She did the only thing she could think to do…hopefully kill two birds with one stone. She was able to diminish their shields in at least one area and then, in a split-second, she dropped her own and beamed both of their pilots out, into empty space. She exhaled, falling back into her chair, out of breath. Her forearm had been badly burned by an exploding console, and she knew she had a bleeding gash on her cheek that needed attention. No doubt there’d be a medical kit on the Alliance shuttle.

The Alliance had seen her, and would now be looking for her ship. She would have to touch down all three ships on Churos VII, pray the planet had successfully masked Henry’s signature so that he couldn’t be found, and then start repair work on all three ships. Then she’d have to take off in whatever hybrid Henry could help her build. They wouldn’t be looking for the new ship, that way.

Colleen did just that. She used the grappling hooks and limped back to Churos VII, sending up a prayer that none of the ships was ripped apart during reentry. Or that Henry’s bio-suit hadn’t died while she was gone.

Everything had happened so fast…she couldn’t believe she had survived all of that. She was damn lucky.

Re-entry turned out not to be a problem. But finding Henry was. She spent an hour looking for his signature, trying to clear up the interference, and then finally was able to beam him out when a window opened for about three minutes, and then closed again.

He looked pissed, until he saw her, and then he looked concerned.
“Colleen, are you okay?”

“I’m fine…just a little banged up. Brought you a ship, though. You can use it, and the other two ships as parts. This planet, Churos VII, should mask your signature and everything else’s signature. It’s turbulent—we’ll have to be careful when we construct the hull of your new base.”

He grinned at her, and then said, “You need some medical attention, first.”

She looked at him for a moment, and then nodded. They would have plenty of time to build his base. He seemed to like the idea. “You can start your own business, H. I’ll be your first customer, and I’ll tell people about it. Then you can build whatever you want. I’ll tell the Resistance about it, and make sure you have customers. The ships I brought you are just the beginning. We’re gonna get some more hulls for the base, and more bio-suits, and we’ll make weapons, and…it’s gonna be great.”

Henry nodded eagerly. “I can’t wait. First—that arm needs some help.”

She rolled her eyes, and they went to search the Alliance shuttles for medical supplies. After Henry helped her heal her scrapes and burns, they got working on the design part of the base construction. It was the beginning of Henry’s freedom, and the continuation of a friendship.

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: May. 4th, 2006 08:13 pm (UTC)

On the first post, that should be 11 KILOmeters, not meters, per second that's escape velocity. :-)

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