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2374; "The Regal 'Accident'"

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Apr. 2nd, 2006 | 08:19 pm
posted by: theodonnells in en_fanfic

This is a fanfic about the shuttle accident that Colleen's parents were involved in, told from their perspective.

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from: theodonnells
date: Apr. 2nd, 2006 11:37 pm (UTC)

Erin was slightly afraid to hear what the admiral had to say about him. But she was silent, and let him continue.

“The doctor has told me everything he knows so far. Your husband sustained severe head injuries, as well as quite a few broken bones. His leg, I’m afraid, was completely shattered beyond repair. They’re going to replace it with a bionic one as soon as he’s out of surgery. Right now, they’re trying to repair the skull and brain damage. Mrs. O’Donnell, the doctors aren’t sure whether the damage is completely repairable. Even if they are able to repair it, there’s a good chance that he won’t remember you, or anyone else he’s close to, for a few months.”

Erin was unable to speak for a moment. She held her face in her hands, trying to compose herself, before she whispered, “Who did this?”

“You must understand, everything I tell you is confidential under level 9 Starfleet security clearance. Meaning you cannot tell *anyone*, except Patrick. The only reason why I told you Patrick’s status instead of a doctor was because not many doctors are available right now who have high enough clearance.”

Erin nodded, pretty much knowing what was coming next, but still not wanting to hear it. She thought they were done with these bastards twelve years ago.

“There is a covert organization that takes it upon themselves to solve problems, and try to protect the Federation. They have no laws, no boundaries, and they are very wide-spread. This group didn’t want you to deliver the shuttle design. They rigged the shuttle, knowing the design and any exterior drive holding the design would be destroyed when the shuttle was destroyed. Losing an entire nacelle is not something most people walk away from, especially on something as small as a shuttle.”

Erin nodded slowly. “It was spinning so fast, and we would have died on impact if Patrick hadn’t re-routed all the power to the shields. That’s why he wasn’t wearing his safety-restraint…” she said softly.

Admiral Solon looked at her with sympathetic eyes. She seemed to already know about Section 31. He had looked into the O’Donnell family history briefly when he had heard about this crash. Their son had perished in a very strange shuttle accident when he was only fifteen, and their daughter had nearly died as well, but had pulled through. She was now an ensign serving on the space station Empok Nor as the runabout pilot. He wondered if Section 31 was connected to that crash as well.

“What are Patrick’s chances?” Erin asked almost inaudibly.

“The doctors told me that right now, he has about a 60% chance of waking up after the surgery,” the admiral replied.

How could they do this? How could they do this to their family? Lives meant nothing to these people—no, these *monsters*; it was all about information and secrecy and statistics. They had taken one child from her, nearly took her other child, and now wanted to take her husband too? Erin wasn’t able to restrain herself any longer. She simply broke down, letting herself sob. She didn’t care what the admiral thought. She just wanted to hold Patrick in her arms and know he was safe. She wanted to hold Colleen, and she wanted to hold Matthew.

Solon waited silently until she was done, grabbing her a few tissues, and patting her on the back. He understood how completely nerve-wracking this was for her. He thought that, in her position, he might break down as she did if none of his subordinates were around.

After a few moments, she was able to collect herself, and she blew her nose before she asked Solon,
“What can we do to stop this organization?”

“Right now, we’re doing all we can to stop them. You don’t need to do anything. You can stay here with Patrick, and we’ll do all we can to protect the two of you. The doctor said you’d be discharged soon, and as soon as he’s out of surgery, and they’re done working on him, you can see him.”

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