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Station 10, 2364, "How Colleen Escaped"

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Mar. 4th, 2006 | 10:14 am
posted by: mirror_odonnell in en_fanfic

This is a fanfic on how Colleen escaped from slavery. She was, at the time, twelve years old and living on Station 10. She knew Henry well, and they were in fact best friends. The ten-year-old Talaxian was a technical genius, and Colleen feared their intelligence would soon be discovered and they would both be taken and brainwashed, like her brother Matt had been.

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: Mar. 4th, 2006 03:20 pm (UTC)

She accelerated at full impulse to the asteroid belt, and approached the ion storm. The shuttle yawled and rolled, but not very well. Either the shuttle was damaged, or Colleen didn’t know what she was doing, and she suspected the latter was true. She was able to get through the asteroid belt with only a few nicks and scrapes, keeping the shuttle somewhat steady, and approaching the ion storm. She powered down so she didn’t conduct any electricity and stayed there, a sitting duck in space.

After a few hours of anticipation, worry, and boredom, Colleen remembered Henry’s gift. She pulled it out of her pocket, and saw that it was a little black diamond with a red button in the middle. She took out her pocket knife, that she had stolen off of the guard, and opened the diamond up. Inside were electronics she would look at later, but most importantly, a piece of paper that most certainly would have caught fire if she had pushed the button and conducted any electricity. She unfolded the paper, and read:

“Dear Colleen, you have probly eskaped if you are reading this note. I made this for you. I named it the H-rekorder, H for Henry. You can rekord all the stuff you do when you eskape. You are going to have adventers and lots of fun. Come back if you can, and take me and my mom out of here. We can go live on a planet, or in your ship, like we talked about. And we can have adventers together. I’m going to miss you. Your friend, Henry.”

Colleen had to smile at the misspellings and immature style of writing, but more so at the thought that went into putting this little device together. She looked at the chip he used, and determined that it could hold about five hours of her speaking. No more, however, so she’d use it sparingly. She put the device back together, and stuck the note in her other pocket. She would have to ditch this shuttle soon, so it wasn’t safe to put anything in it, but she would get another ship. She’d travel the galaxy, have adventures, like Henry said, and then she’d return back to Station 10 and rescue him. She would definitely rescue him, even if it took her a few years. He was her best friend, and she wouldn’t abandon him and his mother.

Colleen stayed in the ion storm for a few days, before she had run the power cell on the replicator completely dry, and needed food desperately. Then, carefully and slowly, she edged out, and determined that no one was looking for her still. She zoomed at warp speed to the only place she really knew to go: Yanna IV, where she was pretty sure there was a sanctuary for kids like her. She had heard about it, at least. She would only stay a few days. Touch down, get some food, and then take off in another shuttle. She had to keep moving, or the Alliance would catch her.

Thus began her great adventure, her free life, and her fight to stay alive.

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