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Station 10, 2364, "How Colleen Escaped"

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Mar. 4th, 2006 | 10:14 am
posted by: mirror_odonnell in en_fanfic

This is a fanfic on how Colleen escaped from slavery. She was, at the time, twelve years old and living on Station 10. She knew Henry well, and they were in fact best friends. The ten-year-old Talaxian was a technical genius, and Colleen feared their intelligence would soon be discovered and they would both be taken and brainwashed, like her brother Matt had been.

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: Mar. 4th, 2006 03:19 pm (UTC)

When Colleen awoke, of course, her parents were gone. She didn’t bother changing clothes, since she would only get her somewhat clean clothes as dirty as the ones she had on. But she did comb her hair. There were certain dignities she refused to give up. She left for breakfast with the rest of the children, catching up with Henry. “Hey,” she greeted.

“I was thinkin’ about your power cell idea,” he said immediately, but in a quiet voice so as not to attract the guard’s attention. “You could route power right into a messed-up one, and have it explode. It would be powerful enough to knock down any bulkhead.”

Colleen nodded. “Good idea,” was all she said, speaking mostly to him with her eyes. They told him how dangerous that was.

“I know, it might backfire,” the ten-year-old said as they sat down to their breakfast, which none of them could identify. “But at least we’d try.”

“I got a better plan. Can you make an energy weapon?” she whispered.

“I dunno. Depends on what I can find. A good power cell, a couple o’ springs. Maybe a targeting scanner, if I can swipe it,” he whispered back.

“Start workin’ on it. I might need it.”

The guard walked over to their table and stood over them.
“And did you see who she likes? She likes him and wants to *marry* him,” Colleen whispered to Henry, as she giggled.

“Eat, and stop whispering. You can gossip in Ore Processing,” he said gruffly, walking away.

Colleen took a bite of her unidentified food, and said, once the guard was completely out of earshot,
“I’m gonna make a run for it.”

Henry didn’t look surprised. “Be careful. They’ll kill ya if they catch you.”

“I know,” she told him. “I’m waiting for the right time. I don’t know how I can tell Mom and Dad…”

“Don’t. One more risk you don’t need,” Henry said. “I’ll start workin’ on that weapon. I can hide it with my cloaking device.”

She nodded. He had stolen the technology he needed to build the cloaking device, and they had hidden so many things with it, including themselves, on occasion. “I think something’s going on with my parents.”

“What?” The Talaxian boy asked, scratching his head.

“They’re acting strange. Sad, and all. I think the Alliance might have figured out they don’t like working for them. They might want to…to kill them,” she said with difficulty.

“No one likes working for them,” Henry said reassuringly. “Unless the Alliance completely has their heads up their buttcracks, they hafta know that.”

Colleen couldn’t help but laugh, and the guard came over again and kicked her chair out from under her. “I SAID no GOSSIPING!” He yelled, and kicked the chair away from where she had fallen on the floor. “Now pick it up, Terran. And eat quickly, or I’ll shoot you.”

Colleen stared with contempt at the Alliance officer, as she got up and brought her chair back over to where she was sitting. He walked away, and she said to Henry, “I hate ‘em.”

“Don’t we all,” he said, eating the last of his miscellaneous food. “He wouldn’t shoot you, though.”

“He’d get in trouble,” Colleen said. “And I’m at least a bit valuable,” She reasoned, nodding her head in agreement. “He’s just trying to scare us.”

“Have you studied the layout of the station?” Henry asked.

“Yup. I’m gonna use the ventilation system on deck 3. It’s broken, and no one wants to fix it. It’s been down for a few weeks now. I can get in and get out without suffocating.”

“You gonna steal a shuttle?”

“Somethin’ like that. I dunno. Maybe hide on an Alliance cargo ship that’s leaving port. I haven’t figured out all the kinks yet.”

Henry diverted his eyes away from her, indicating that she should stop speaking. Behind her, two older kids stared as they took their empty bowls to the disposal unit. When they were gone, Henry looked back at her. “Take me with you.”

She nodded. “I will. And if there isn’t time, and I gotta go without you, I’ll come back, I promise. And I’ll rescue you as soon as I got a ship o’ my own.”

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