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2371; Starfleet Academy; "Climbing Accident"

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Nov. 7th, 2005 | 09:06 pm
posted by: colleenodonnell in en_fanfic

Since I've referred to this story in the RP, I figured I'd include the story behind it here. It happened in their second year of the Academy, during the weekend (when every careless accident happens).

Character Bios:

Colleen O'Donnell--*Just* turned nineteen, only a week earlier. She is a bit careless, she rushes into things, and she doesn't think as much before she acts. She's competitive, driven, and energetic, as always. She's got the 'it'll never happen to me' outlook at the moment.

John Wendell--Turned twenty a few months ago, a bit more mature than his first year but not by much. He still is every bit as competitive as Colleen and though he's slightly more concerned with his surroundings and danger, he'll forfeit all of that just for the challenge. He's willing to risk what he has in the hope of gaining something better, but he's a quick thinker. He's as sharp as can be, and will always find a loophole. He can basically sell ice to Andorians, and strategize anything at all.

Vereil Kate--They finally call her 'Kate', having been friends with her long enough to do so. Kate's cautious but fun-loving. Willing to take risks if they're important enough. She's security cautious because she's an aspiring security officer, but she's willing to compromise some of those beliefs in the name of a good time.

Richard Young--Rick's got his head straight on his shoulders. He's absolutely sure what is right and what isn't and he's considered overly-cautious by the other three. He'll say some things they don't approve of, thinking he's being helpful. But he's still a good friend. He's there when you need him and although he might be thinking of your physical well-being moreso than having a good time, he knows how to compromise and get out for a while.

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from: colleenodonnell
date: Nov. 8th, 2005 02:14 am (UTC)

It was November, in their second year. Mid-terms were done, and semester exams weren’t for another month. The cadets of course had work to do, but the weekend was quickly approaching and Colleen, John, Kate, and Rick all needed some down-time.
“Let’s go climbing,” John suggested Thursday afternoon as they sat in one of the dining halls, eating pizza and sandwiches.
“Climbing?” Rick asked. “Where? Holodeck?”
“Holodeck?!” Colleen laughed. “No, if we go, we go to a real rock. St. Hugo Heights.”
“I don’t have any gear,” Kate said.
“Not a problem. We’ll free-climb,” Colleen said.
“Are you insane?” Rick protested. “Free climb as in climb without gear? I’m *not* doing that.”
“You can borrow my gear, then,” John said.
“I’m not doing that either. I’m not risking falling…how tall is St. Hugo? Like eighty feet?”
“What are the chances of you falling the full eighty, Kate?” Colleen asked her.
“If you’re experienced, which you *are*, then you’ll probably wait a while before making a mistake,” Kate answered. “It’s stupid. Let’s replicate some gear.”
“I don’t have any credits left,” John said.
“What’d you waste ‘em on?” Rick asked.
“Food. And some cool stuff. Come on,” he added when he saw Rick’s disapproving look. “Like you haven’t blown your month’s worth of credits before.”
“Maybe,” Rick said with a shrug.
“Anyway, I’ve got some credits left over,” Colleen said. “I’ll replicate two extra harnesses. Then we’ll all have one.”
They nodded.
“We have to get approval from Dean Wilkes,” Rick said. “Off-campus activity. Why don’t we just go to the holodeck?”
“Because if you fall you don’t die,” John said jokingly. “And Colleen and I have a death wish.”
“Ha-ha,” Kate said. “You aren’t careful enough. The both of you. The most immature people I’ve *ever* met.”
“Why thank you,” Colleen said. “Come on, let’s go ask Dean Wilkes now.”
“A million people’s requests are probably in front of us,” John added, and they took off toward the Dean’s office. Once there, they waited in line for fifteen minutes before finally the door opened to the office, and Dean Wilkes asked them to step inside.
“What can I do for you four?”
“We’d like to go climbing this weekend, Sir. St. Hugo’s,” Colleen said.
“Do you have gear?”
“We have to replicate some, Sir” Kate said.
“Do you have credits?”
“I do, Sir,” Colleen said. “I think I have ten left. And we only need two harnesses.”
“That should clean out your ten. What do you plan to do for the remaining ten days of the month? Are you three willing to lend her some?”
“I’m all out, Sir,” John said.
“Me too, Sir,” Rick said.
“I spent my last one on my mother’s birthday gift, Sir,” Kate said.
“So no extra items for you, Colleen,” Wilkes said. He sighed, and leaned back. “I think it’s a bad idea.”
“Sir—I still have all my meal credits for the rest of the month. I won’t need to replicate anything.”
“Until the next hockey game, when your stick breaks or your helmet cracks. Or the next PADD that someone steps on. Think about this, Colleen. Ten days with no replicator credits.”
“With all do respect, Sir, we don’t have any left either,” John pointed out. He didn’t include ‘and *we’re* surviving.’ Dean Wilkes was known for being over-protective.
He sighed again and said,
“If you are willing to take responsibility for whatever happens, you have permission to go. You have nine hours Saturday, starting at 0800 hours. If you aren’t back by 1700 in time for check-in you’ll be reprimanded. Understood, Cadets?”
“Yes, Sir!” They all answered simultaneously.
“And no one falls. Make sure that equipment is sturdy, and notify St. Hugo officials as to what you’re doing.”
“Yes, Sir,” Colleen said. She knew the St. Hugo people anyway. They always let her climb the ledge.
“Have fun, Cadets.”
“Yes, Sir, we will,” John said. They left his office, and went on to class.

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