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Station 10, 2364, "How Colleen Escaped"

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Mar. 4th, 2006 | 10:14 am
posted by: mirror_odonnell in en_fanfic

This is a fanfic on how Colleen escaped from slavery. She was, at the time, twelve years old and living on Station 10. She knew Henry well, and they were in fact best friends. The ten-year-old Talaxian was a technical genius, and Colleen feared their intelligence would soon be discovered and they would both be taken and brainwashed, like her brother Matt had been.

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from: mirror_odonnell
date: Mar. 4th, 2006 03:19 pm (UTC)

He smiled. “I know you’ll keep all your promises. You always have. Here,” he said, reaching into his pocket when no one was looking, and handing something to her. “Don’t look at it right now. Do it when you escape. It’s something I made for you. Should help a bit. Don’t push the red button till you’ve taken it apart and seen what it is.”

She nodded. “Thanks,” she said as she stuck the little object in her dirty pants pocket. They got up and took their bowls to the disposal unit.

That day, the work was twice as hard, it seemed. It could be simply because her blisters from holding the shovel hadn’t healed yet, and were now breaking open as she hauled as much Ore as she could. It could have been because Henry was separated from her that day, and told to shovel another section. But regardless, Colleen was both relieved and terrified when a guard came and got her early.

“Where’re we going?” She asked, unwisely.

The guard hit the back of her legs, and she fell to the ground.
“Get up, Terran. And shut up.”

She got up, and shut up, but not without another look of contempt. He was leading her to the Intendent’s office. She knew the way, and she was absolutely terrified. She stuck her shaking hands in her pockets, and tried not to look scared.

They passed a docking ring on the way, and it was a completely unnecessary detour. They stopped in front of it, and waited for a moment. Then, down the corridor, an Alliance guard shoved her mom and dad violently with his weapon. They were able to keep their balance and keep walking, only to stop in front of the docking ring. They saw her, and they started to silently cry. Colleen thought she was going to cry, but she was able to stop herself. She yelled out, unable to control her temper,
“Where are you taking them?”

“Shut up!” The guard yelled at her, hitting her with his weapon. The little girl sprawled on the floor, and scrambled up despite the pain in her side from the weapon. She tried to run toward her parents, but the guard held her back. The guard responsible for her parents shoved them into the docking ring as they looked back at her in silent agony. The docking ring slid shut, and the guard pushed Colleen forward. “This way,” he said unfeelingly.

This was it. This was the point at which Colleen *had* to do something. Her parents were gone. The Alliance would soon discover the shuttle manuals. She would be transferred and brainwashed. This was it. She was alone, and unprotected.

The guard left her in the Intendent’s office, telling her to wait for a moment. She did, and only a few seconds later, the Intendent walked in. He smiled sickly at her and said,
“You’re very pretty…we’ll clean you up and then…”

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