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2371; Starfleet Academy; "Climbing Accident"

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Nov. 7th, 2005 | 09:06 pm
posted by: colleenodonnell in en_fanfic

Since I've referred to this story in the RP, I figured I'd include the story behind it here. It happened in their second year of the Academy, during the weekend (when every careless accident happens).

Character Bios:

Colleen O'Donnell--*Just* turned nineteen, only a week earlier. She is a bit careless, she rushes into things, and she doesn't think as much before she acts. She's competitive, driven, and energetic, as always. She's got the 'it'll never happen to me' outlook at the moment.

John Wendell--Turned twenty a few months ago, a bit more mature than his first year but not by much. He still is every bit as competitive as Colleen and though he's slightly more concerned with his surroundings and danger, he'll forfeit all of that just for the challenge. He's willing to risk what he has in the hope of gaining something better, but he's a quick thinker. He's as sharp as can be, and will always find a loophole. He can basically sell ice to Andorians, and strategize anything at all.

Vereil Kate--They finally call her 'Kate', having been friends with her long enough to do so. Kate's cautious but fun-loving. Willing to take risks if they're important enough. She's security cautious because she's an aspiring security officer, but she's willing to compromise some of those beliefs in the name of a good time.

Richard Young--Rick's got his head straight on his shoulders. He's absolutely sure what is right and what isn't and he's considered overly-cautious by the other three. He'll say some things they don't approve of, thinking he's being helpful. But he's still a good friend. He's there when you need him and although he might be thinking of your physical well-being moreso than having a good time, he knows how to compromise and get out for a while.

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from: colleenodonnell
date: Nov. 8th, 2005 02:17 am (UTC)

Just then, Patrick came back with the food and Colleen ate. They all left after the hour was over, and allowed Colleen to get some rest. The entire crowd headed to the St. Hugo climbing office, and discovered that the auto-belay device that controlled the entire thing never had any problems before that day. They were all moving to discover what had gone wrong. The investigation revealed it was a faulty power source. The time that it blinked off and on allowed for the jerk they all felt, the period where it didn’t work at all, and Colleen fell, and then the sudden blinking on ten feet from the ground, where the harness caught her leg and slowed her descent significantly. It was almost a perfect fall. Had Colleen landed any other way, at any other speed, or had she been caught at an altitude lower than ten feet, she would have been killed or paralyzed. She had really been very lucky, and it was mysterious how the device malfunctioned to make that so.
The investigation was dropped, and a new policy about inspecting auto belays was instated. Colleen went home the next day, and she spent the next two and a half weeks recovering. Erin wouldn’t let her out of the house, so John and Kate and Rick came to see her when they could get time. John expended all of his transporter credits for the month seeing her every day, so she made it a point to laugh at him for not having *any* credits for anything left at all, for this month, and cutting into the next month’s credits.
John could never really tell her how much it had scared him when she had fallen. He knew it scared Kate and Rick as well, since the expressions on their faces were as unforgettable as his. But it had made his heart stop, it had made him freeze. He *never* froze. Not during any high-stress simulation. He was an ‘action’ person. Someone who reacted by doing something when under a high level of stress like that. But he froze, and that puzzled him. At that moment, the prospect of Colleen being dead had rushed through his head and wouldn’t allow him to think of anything else.
By the end of the three weeks, Colleen got back on her skates and practiced hockey with John and her other teammates. She got checked by this 250 lb Third-year, and went flying across the ice. She decided at that moment that she had gotten too out of practice over that three-week recess.
The climbing accident became something of a legend. Everyone heard about it who knew the four Cadets, and Colleen became annoyed with a new person asking ‘are you okay’ every ten minutes. But if nothing else, the experience taught the Cadets how to be careful, and how foolish and dangerous races were never helpful to anyone. Though they *were* fun.</i>

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