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2371; Starfleet Academy; "Climbing Accident"

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Nov. 7th, 2005 | 09:06 pm
posted by: colleenodonnell in en_fanfic

Since I've referred to this story in the RP, I figured I'd include the story behind it here. It happened in their second year of the Academy, during the weekend (when every careless accident happens).

Character Bios:

Colleen O'Donnell--*Just* turned nineteen, only a week earlier. She is a bit careless, she rushes into things, and she doesn't think as much before she acts. She's competitive, driven, and energetic, as always. She's got the 'it'll never happen to me' outlook at the moment.

John Wendell--Turned twenty a few months ago, a bit more mature than his first year but not by much. He still is every bit as competitive as Colleen and though he's slightly more concerned with his surroundings and danger, he'll forfeit all of that just for the challenge. He's willing to risk what he has in the hope of gaining something better, but he's a quick thinker. He's as sharp as can be, and will always find a loophole. He can basically sell ice to Andorians, and strategize anything at all.

Vereil Kate--They finally call her 'Kate', having been friends with her long enough to do so. Kate's cautious but fun-loving. Willing to take risks if they're important enough. She's security cautious because she's an aspiring security officer, but she's willing to compromise some of those beliefs in the name of a good time.

Richard Young--Rick's got his head straight on his shoulders. He's absolutely sure what is right and what isn't and he's considered overly-cautious by the other three. He'll say some things they don't approve of, thinking he's being helpful. But he's still a good friend. He's there when you need him and although he might be thinking of your physical well-being moreso than having a good time, he knows how to compromise and get out for a while.

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from: colleenodonnell
date: Nov. 8th, 2005 02:16 am (UTC)

John saw the entire thing. Although he was rapelling, he watched her fall. It was instant. He saw her jerk out of her harness and fall the final couple of feet. Then she was still.</i> “Colleen!” He screamed again, and finally got to the bottom. Rick and Kate were already there. Kate was taking her pulse. Rick was contacting the officials on his combadge. And John…John couldn’t move. He just stared at his friend, and stammered, “Kate…it she…?”
“She’s alive,” Kate said. “Unconscious. What the hell *happened* up there. You guys were almost at the top!”
The emergency personnel arrived and entered the access code to beam her directly to StarMed. John, Kate, and Rick did not have clearance to beam with her, so they caught the emergency transit and went as quickly as they could. They ran into the Emergency Center, only to be stopped by two nurses. “We understand you’re Colleen O’Donnell’s friends, but doctors are extremely busy right now and they don’t need you three getting in the way.”
“I have some medical training—we all do. We’re cadets in Starfleet Academy…maybe we can help or something—“ John started.
“The best thing you can do to help is to go to the waiting room and stay out of our way,” The nurse reiterated. John didn’t listen, and started to move toward the Emergency Center trauma room that looked like everyone was gathering around. The other nurse held him back and said, “Do we need to call security? Come on, you guys are Cadets. Act like it and go wait.”
John said firmly, “You’ll call us if anything happens?”
“We’ll call you. We promise,” one nurse said.
“Where’s the waiting room?” Rick asked.
“Over there,” The nurse pointed, and the three turned and walked into that room. They sat down.
Rick was the first to speak.
“What exactly happened? You guys were racing.”
“Yeah,” John said. “The auto belay jerked. Did you feel that? Right when we got to the outcrop on the ledge?”
“Yeah, we did. We stopped climbing then. We both thought it was malfunctioning,” Kate said.
“So why didn’t you guys stop?” Rick asked.
“We were racing,” John said. “I paused. Colleen just kept going.”
Kate rolled her eyes.
“What were the chances that the equipment wasn’t going to work? Huh? Like one in a billion? I suppose you’re glad you’re right, Kate. She *didn’t* make a mistake until she got to the top!” John got up and walked away.
“He didn’t mean that,” Rick said to her. “He’s nervous. And he probably feels responsible.”
“I know,” She answered. “But he’s not. It wasn’t his fault, and he needs to know that. I’ll be right back.”
She got up and went to console him. Rick just sat there, staring at the trauma room door.

Meanwhile in the trauma room, the doctors moved as if they had practiced this exact routine. Colleen required surgery—the impact on her skull had been too large and they needed to repair damage to her brain. Her leg had been dislocated but that could be easily fixed. She had broken her collar bone, her wrist, and somehow, her pinky finger, but not any other fingers. But those too could be easily fixed. She had a large laceration on her arm, which was sealed. The cranial injuries were the most severe, and required the doctors’ attention immediately.

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