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Starfleet and Tears

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Oct. 7th, 2005 | 03:24 pm
posted by: krestala in en_fanfic

This story about Krestala's misserable experiance at Starfleet Acadamy. How she went the whole time without a friend, how she was so shy, that kind of thing. First Fanfic so when Im done (ONLY When Im done) tell me what you think. Also when I'm done, tell me if I messed up some facts. Oh yeah. I'm not going to put every thing that's not said in Italics. It's okay if I'm RPing but if I'm writing a story, that could get anoying. Let us begin.

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Councillor Madra Krestala

Chapter One: Roomates, Bullies, and Babies;

from: krestala
date: Oct. 9th, 2005 12:32 am (UTC)

15 year old Madra Krestala stood in front of the building of Starfleet Acadamy. She was really nervouse. Her foster parents wanted to come with her but she told them no. She wanted to make some friends and she didn't want the possiblilty of them ruining it by embarssing her.

She walked the campus, feeling ontop of the world in her cadets uniform. Feeling the crisp San Franciscoo breeze ruffle her waist length blonde hair. She walked to the dormitories. She found hers and heard laughter coming from it. She walked in and saw two girls standing there. One with curly blond hair and another with shoulder length brown. Each of their faces were heavily caked in make-up. They stoped talking as soon as she came in.

"Um, are any of you Stephanie Clarence?" Krestala asked. The bruntette nodded.

"Who are you?" She asked. Krestala held out her hand.

"I'm Madra Krestala, your roomate," Krestala explained. Stephanie looked at Krestala and didn't shake her hand. Krestala dropped her hand to her side and blushed.

"Well Madra-"

"It's Krestala," Krestala told her. "You see, I'm Bajoran so that means my last name comes-"

"Whatever," Stephanie interupted. "Let's lay down a few rules. Don't ever talk to me or my friends. Don't bother me about studdying and other dumb things like that. And when I tell you to do some thing, you do it. Got it?"

"What year are you-"

"Got it?!" Stephanie was getting anoyed and angry.

"G-got it."

"Let's go Stephanie," the blond said. "Let's go check out those three senior boys."

"Coming Gina. Later loser," Stephanie left the room withought giving Krestala a second glance.

Krestala sighed and went to her bed. The one withought all the stuff cluttered on it. She took out all of her stuff. A photo of her foster parents. A painting of Shannon, or what she thought she looked like, anyway. A picture of Krestala and Gwatheil at their first competion, second place medal with it. She sighed. The acadamy didn't allow pets on campus, let alone horses.

Krestala looked at the PADD with her scheduel. Orriantation was in an hour and she wanted to explore. She walked out of her dorm with the PADD that explained everything about the Academy. She check out the campus resturaunt, The Subspace Cafe. It was crowded with cadets. She looked around for Stephanie. Krestala didn't see her. She went to the counter and ordered a French Vanillia Capacino. She took it and headed for a table in the corner, not noticing the foot that was sticking out from a table with a brunette and blonde sitting at it. She went down.

"Hey! Watch it Bitch!"

Krestala looked up from the floor and saw and angry senior standing over her with capicino all down his uniform.

"S-sorry. I was tripped."

"No, you're a klutz," Stephanie said.

The guy bent down by her and pick her up by her hair. "I don't like klutzes," he said.

"S-s-sorry! It was an accident!" Krestala cried, tears welling up in her eyes. 'Why are they doing this to me?' she thought.

"Aww. Wook at da wittle baby. Ha!" laughed Gina. A few kids laughed along with her.

"Make sure this 'accident' never happens again. Okay?" the guy said, letting go off her hair.

"Ok-kay," She said, picking up her cup and PADD and taking the cup to the counter.

"Thank you," The girl behind the counter said.

"Mm-hmm," Krestala said. The girl said something but Krestala didn't hear. She rushed out of the cafe, crying.

She ran to her dormitory and flopped on her bed, crying into her pillow.

"I thought Starfleet was for the good guys," she said.

"That's what I thought," a voice in the door said.


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Councillor Madra Krestala

Chapter Two: Friends and Pillow Fights.

from: krestala
date: Oct. 9th, 2005 12:40 am (UTC)

"The one and only," Shannon said.

"Look at you! Though I dont think a red cadets uniform goes with your hair. You're just like the painting I made of you," Krestala said, pointing to the painting. It was true, the soft-curled red haired women in the painting looked exactly like the soft-curled red hair woman standing next to her.

"Wow! That's incredible Kres!" Shannon exclaimed, going over to it and holding it by her face. "It's beutiful, if I do say so my self."

"Thanks. I was so upset that you were here at the acadamy last year I painted it." Krestala explained.

"Hey, you said you were cool with it," Shannon said.

"I was, it just lonely at the ranch without you," Krestala explained. "And school was a-Hey! You lied to me!" Krestala said all of a sudden.

"When? How?" Shannon asked.

"Well, you told me it was great here," Krestala said.

"It is, just the people aren't. Plus, you wanted me to tell you what you wanted to here," Shannon told her.

"That's true. So, judging by your uniform color, you're training to be a comand officer," Krestala obbserved.

"Yup. And judging by *your* uniform, you're either: a) A docter, b) Science officer, c) Counciler, or d) I'm color blind and your uniform is another color," Shannon said.

"I'd have to say...c) Counciler," Krestala answered.

"Final answer?"

"Final answer."

"You always were a big ol' softie, Kres."

"Hey! Take that back!" Krestala said.

"What if I don't wanna?" Shannon asked.

"Then prepare to meet your doom," Krestala said darkly, picking up a pillow.

"I accept your challenge," Shannon said, picking up Stephanie's pillow.

"Be careful with that, that's Stephanie's pillow," Krestala warned.

"Who's Stephanie?"

"Evil roomate."

"Oh, all freshman cadets get paired with those," Shannon explained. "It's like your inaugeration to the acadamy. After the first semester you can choose your own roomate."

"Does it have to be your year or can it be someone older?" Krestala asked, hopeful now.

"I think it can be, but's rareley done. Most freshmen are afraid of the older kids, I think," Shannon said, getting hit in the head with a pillow. "So it's war!" She shouted, smacking Krestala with Stephanie's pillow.

"I can understand that-hey!" Krestala agreed, getting hit in the process.

"Under-oof-stand what? War?"

"No, being afraid of the older kids."

"Oh, 'cause of what happened at the cafe?" Shannon said, whacking Krestala in the process.

"How'd you find out about that?" Krestala asked.

"I was there. I was the person behind the counter you gave your cup to," Seeing Krestala face, she added, "I help out there sometimes. I tried to talk to you but you didn't hear.So I followed you here."

"Oh, sorry. Who was that guy anyway?" Krestala asked, hitting Shan in the face.

"Him? Take that! He's Logan Bruno, the Big Man On Campus. And, like most BMOC's he's mean, nasty, and a bully. But don't concern your self with him," Shannon explained, hitting Krestala.

"Hey! Noted," Krestala said, and she started jumping on the bed. Shannon started jumping on the bed too and the fight resumed. They were laughing so hard that they didn't notice that Stephani and Gina returned.

"Hmph!" A voice said. "Get off my bed! And stop acting like little kids!"

"Your bed? This is mine!" Krestala said, stopping the pillow fight.

"No, that's yours," Stephanie sayed, pointing to the cluttered bed.

"Then why is your stuff on it?" Shannon asked, jumping down from the bed.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Stephanie said.

"Shannon Wilks. You must be Stephanie," Shannon stuck out her hand.

"Well, Shannon, I think it would be best if you left," Stephanie said, ignoring Shannons hand. "Me and my roomate need to discuss some things."

"Any thing you say to Kres, you can say to me," Shannon said darkly.

"Aww, wittle Krestala has a body guard to protect her from the wittle meanies," Gina said.

"You say something, freshmen?" Shannon asked.

Stephanie noticed that Shannon was older.

"Fine. You can have that bed. Come on Gina, we need to get to orientation," Stephanie and Gina left.

"Nice," Shannon said. "Come on. We need to get to orientation too."

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Councillor Madra Krestala

Chapter Three: Orientation

from: krestala
date: Oct. 9th, 2005 12:43 am (UTC)

"Do you come to orientation too?" Krestala asked.

"We don't *have* to, but most of us come anyway, just to pick out who's belongs in what group," Shannon said.

"Well, let's go," She and Shannon left the dorm.

"Who do you have for classes?" Shannon said "I can probably tell you about some of the teachers."

"Let's see," Krestala looked at her PADD "Mia Tsu for Counciling, Mark Shapiro for Basics, Alean Kiyosky for Flight Training, Sarah McCloen for Languages, Lisa Yorpora for Comunications, Kylie Reckler for History, and Rita Jones for Socialology."

"All fit for a counciler. Hmm," Shannon said. "Tsu, I dunno, since I don't take counciling, but considering the her subject, she's probably nice. Let's see, Shapiro, he's pretty fair. I had him last year. I have Lera this year though. Kiyosky, gotta watch out for her. She is mean, unfair, and plays dirty. She will mess with the controls and stuff to confuse and humiliate you. If you don't know that kind of stuff, you're screwed. Trust me, I have her too. McCloen doesn't give out punishments. But don't let that throw you of guard. She'll doesn't give out the usual punishment. But if you do something wrong, she will embaress you. Nasty. Yorpora, dunno, sorry. Jones, she's average. Reckler, dunno for certain but I've heard rumers. I hear she'll give tests out on things you haven't learned about. Bad Luck Kres."

"You really know how to make a person feel better about the first day of a new school," Krestala grimmaced.

"Just doing my job," Shannon said. "Here we are."

Krestala looked at the main building. "I'm not sure if I wanna."


"Oh yeah."

"Don't worry," Shannon asured her. "Enter with a Sophmore, you get respected. Enter with a Junior, you get liked. Enter with a Senior, you're cool. But I'm only a Sophmore. Oh well. Better than nothing."

"Yeah. Let's go," Krestala started walking the other way.

"Ah-ah! It's *this* way. Come on," Shannon grabbed Krestala's hand and they walked in the building.

"Well, I have to go over there," Shannon said, pointing to the wall. "And you have to go over there," She pointed to the seats in the middle of the room. "Good luck!" she called as she walked to the side.

"Shannon!" Krestala called. She walked to the nearest seat and sat down. The place was buzzing with chatter. Every one had someone to talk to. Except Krestala.

Within minutes the building filled up. Then a speaker got up and started to adress them.

"Welcome!" The woman said. "I am the Superintendent of Starfleet Acadamy, Keirana Clemons. And I must say, it is a pleasure to see so many new faces this year. You have all been given the rules and history of the acadamy. I expect you to follow the rules while your here."

Clemons speach went on for about an hour. Alot of people started zoneing out and whispering to each other. But not Krestala. "Mabey I can like it here' She thought. 'Mabey Shan was right, mabey the people are dumb, but Starfleet isn't. I could like it here'

"Well, I see the cadets are anxiouse to talk among themselves so I will end this speach with three words: Welcome to Starfleet."

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Councillor Madra Krestala

Chapter Four: Catching Up

from: krestala
date: Oct. 9th, 2005 01:46 am (UTC)

Aplause broke out. Then everyone got out of there seats and either left with their friends or stayed and talked. Krestala went over to Shannon and her friends.

"Hey Krestala, this is Mayme Jukes, another aspiring counciler," She nodded to a dark-skinned girl who nodded to Krestala. "And this is Dana Monay." She nodded to a nearly white-blonde.

"Nervous?" Dana asked.

"Is it that noticable?" Krestala asked, worried.

"It is now. But no. I am a full-blooded Betazoid" Dana said.


"Well, me and Kres have a years worth of stuff to catch up on," Shannon told her friends. "See ya girls later."

"Bye! It was nice to meet you," Mayme said.

"Same here," Dana said.

"It was nice to meet you two," Krestala said.

Krestala and Shannon left the building for her dorm.

"So, do you still have Gwatheil?" Shannon asked while they were walking.

"Yup," Krestala said. "We've won one championship while you were gone, came in third for two, and came in second for five."

Shannon sighed. "I do miss riding," she said.

"So will I."

"Yeah. Holodecks are okay, but they're not the same. So, how are Amy and Kerry?" Shannon asked, reffering to their old friends.

"We don't really hang out much anymore," Krestala told her. "I think the only reason they hung out with me was because you were my friend. After you left, they didn't even notice me."

"Shame. I thought they were decent," Shannon muttered.

"So, what all have you been doing?" Krestala asked.

"Training to be a captain of course!" Shannon said like it was the most obviouse thing. "Hey! Is that Boothby?" She asked, pointing to a shape silhouted in the moon light.

"Who's Boothby?"

"The grounds keeper. The number one rule with Boothby: Never EVER step in his flower bed. The consenquences will not only be fatal to the flowers, but if Boothby finds out who did it, the consenquences might well be fatal to you."

"Boothby!" Shannon called.

"Huh?" the shadow called.

"Boothby, it's me Shannon," she said, running up to him.

"Shannon? Oh yeah, the trouble maker." He said.

"Trouble maker?" Krestala said, looking at her friend.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Shannon said, playing inocent.

"Hah, picking my flowers, among other things," Boothby said.

"Any way, getting behind my criminal record, Boothby, this is Krestala. Krestala, Boothby," Shannon introduced.

"Nice to meet you Krestala," Boothby said. He picked a daisy and gave it to her.

"Thanks. Nice to meet you too, Boothby," Krestala said.

"Well, we got to go. See you Boothby," Shannon said.

They arrived at the dorms.

"Well, good night Shan," Krestala said.

"Good night Kres," Shannon said.

"It was good to see you again," Kres said, giving her friend a hug.

"You too. Hey, don't worry about that roomate. She gives you trouble, come to me. Okay?" Shannon told her.

"Okay! Goodnight!" Krestala said, heading to her dorm.

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