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Phew, finally finished it. Last part now done.

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Aug. 26th, 2005 | 12:03 am
posted by: dizhei_shdani in en_fanfic

The next morning Diz headed to breakfast after sending Amanda a quick message and then she and her bondmates returned to their private room to talk after breakfast. Thia spoke first, quietly. "Okay, I give in. I agree to the divorce. I have to agree with everything that was said yesterday, we haven't been right for a while now. And Diz deserves freedom to find happiness. I can hardly stop you if you are intent on it." Thia sighed. She wasn't happy with this but it was the only course of action she could take. Ever since the Academy Diz had been a completely different person and she didn't like it. Not that is was nice that Diz could control her temper, or now seemed a lot happier within herself, but she wanted, needed time to adjust, find out the new Diz, but Diz didn't seem to want to let her. *Maybe with time……….Maybe all we need is time. As long as she is happy I can live with any decision she makes.*Thia thought as Diz walked over and hugged her, and she hugged her back.
They turned and walked from the room, to get the ball rolling, as the Human phrase went, so they would become divorced. By the end of the day the deed was done, they were separated. Diz went to pack her bags, there was no need to stay long if she had sorted everything out. She went and picked up the holoprogrammes from her Zhavey who seemed very happy with them, there were 7 in total and said she hoped they enjoyed them. Diz smiled and said goodbye to her parents now, as they would be busy later. She also took the necklace from her Shreya for Amanda, as well as her portfolio and a gift for Kel. Thriss gave her several pictures to take, which she would treasure with the rest of the pictures Thriss gave her. She would leave that night on the next transport to DS9 then on to Empok Nor. Saying goodbye to her children was always the worse part, she never knew when she may see them again. She hated saying goodbye and so did they. Her bondmates came to see her off as well, they maybe divorced but they would always be her bondmates and always be loved. She turned and walked on to the shuttle, realizing that she hadn't told anyone she was coming, but Amanda had said she liked surprises. She smiled to herself, happy things had gotten sorted, if not at the method they had been sorted out with.

Sharon, Rita, Beth, if I ever suggest doing one of these again talk me out of it please

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